Such Sadness

I was truly disturbed when I read about a 2 year old girl in China that was run over by a van, left in the road for about 7 minutes, during which at least 10 people saw her there, either walking past or riding past on a bicycle. She was even ridden over a second time.

One mother holding the hand of her own child even walked by and did nothing. I found myself tearful for this stranger, in this foreign yet known world.

I was driving to work this morning when I saw an elderly black man trying to flag down a taxi. The taxi didn’t stop, and as I drove past, the thought crossed my mind that I could give him a ride. Even if just half the way. Why didn’t I?

Firstly, by the time I’d passed him, it would have been inconvenient to me to have to turn around. My safety crossed my mind, but I doubt this man was standing by the side of the road, hoping, waiting for someone to stop so he could rob/kill/rape them.

As disturbing as that was, I shared it. Maybe for some deep seated macabre reason, maybe because I hope it will make more people think.

Life is more about what we have, it’s about what we do.



When friends are hurting

You should never feel obliged to do anything

and no friend should ever make you feel that way.

When friends embark on new journeys,

it’s fair that they’d expect that you’ll be there,

but they can’t expect you’ll be everywhere,

all the time, every minute, every day.

Holding a hand doesn’t have to be done literally.

A kind word, even a simple sms to say “I’m thinking of you”

that too can suffice and be there in a way

that you can’t. And a friend, surely

can’t fault you, no way.